About Us


Day Violins L.L.C. is a family owned business located in the Western part of Fairfax County, Virginia. Specializing only in string instruments, Day Violins prides itself in providing customers with top quality string instruments at affordable prices.

Day Violins began with a quest for quality. Jason Day, owner of Day Violins, became frustrated with the standards of the instruments that were being brought into his private studio. He began searching for a source of affordable instruments that would be of such quality as to not hinder the progress of his students. The results were frustrating. Overpriced, poorly made instruments were abundant. Finding an acceptable student instrument that was both affordable and durable was difficult. Countless hours of research, interviewing and sampling helped him to assess and determine, first, the best characteristics of a quality student string instrument, and, second, the potential sources for such instruments. The results of his work led him to the establishment of Day Violins.

At Day Violins we believe that better instruments lead to better musicians. Students who are able to achieve early success with music are more likely to continue their musical studies—and the right instrument is one of the essential keys to that success. As an orchestra teacher for over 16 years, Jason Day’s experience in the classroom has helped to reinforce the absolute need for a student to have a quality instrument. Poor quality instruments provide a child with continual negative feedback and make the playing experience difficult. Countless times Jason has observed the success or failure of a student be determined, in most part, by the quality of instrument they were playing. It is extremely important that your son or daughter be provided with an instrument that will assist in their musical success—rather than hinder that success. Day Violins prides itself on finding your child the right instrument to best fit his or her needs.

Day Violins also takes pride in its ability to keep the price of their instrument very competitive. Day Violins is in a constant search to find the very best musical instruments at the lowest affordable cost. Day Violins works with several selected suppliers to insure that each instrument offered by Day Violins meets rigorous standards of quality. Each instrument is carefully inspected and played before it is made available for rental or sale. When you receive your string instrument from Day Violins—through either rental or sale—you will have confidence that your child has been equipped with the best possible tool to achieve a successful musical experience.

Day Violins deals only with string instruments. Because of this specialization, Day Violins has unique knowledge as to what instrument will work best for your child. Day Violins provides string instruments throughout Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington Counties and works closely with school string programs and private instructors throughout the region.