Private Studio – Information and Policy


Private lessons are an invaluable help to the serious musical student. One-on- one instruction will expand your child’s talents and challenge his or her limits. The personalized program of study offered through Day Violins Private Studio will enhance your child’s natural abilities and boost his or her self-confidence.

Designed as an intense course of study, the Day Violins Private Studio should be considered only by the music student looking to seriously expand their talent. Day Violins’ Instructors are in high demand and typically have a waiting list for available lesson times.

Day Violins Private Studio teachers use both Suzuki and traditional methods of instruction. To participate in Day Violins Private Studio your student should be willing to earnestly commit to his or her musical studies. The rewards from private instruction are only realized fully when the student makes a serious commitment to his or her musical development.

The Private Studio of Day Violins is under the direction of Jason Day, a highly accomplished musician, orchestra leader, and experienced teacher. Lessons are available in Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute and Piano.


Students in the Private Studio participate in weekly individual lessons with their instructor. Lesson schedules are typically designed to leave free major public and school holidays and other special events.

Lessons are very personal and are structured according to your child’s playing level. These structured lessons provide a unique opportunity for the instructor to assess and enhance your child’s musical ability. All lessons are held in at the Day Violins Studio, 14221A Willard Road, Suite 500, Chantilly, VA, 20151.


Practice is a critical part of your child’s progress with Private Studio lessons. Your child should be practicing every day. A student’s failure to practice becomes quickly apparent in the Private Studio setting, and results in the need to repeat material rather than progress each week. If in doubt about practicing, remember the simple rule of the Day Violins practice schedule – “PRACTICE ONLY ON THE DAYS THAT YOU EAT!”

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is another of the keys to the success of private instruction. We encourage at least one parent to attend the Private Studio lessons, taking notes and asking questions that will allow you to help guide your child during the following week’s practices.

In all your interaction, however, remember that the best thing you can do is encourage and praise your child. Allow their private instructor to make corrections and work through any difficult issues.

General Policies & Guidelines

The following general policies and guidelines apply while participating in the Day Violins Private Studio:

  1. Private Studio lessons are held in the Day Violins Studio facilities located at 14221A Willard Road, Suite 500, Chantilly, VA 20151.
  2. Please use the parking available in the designated parking areas and use hard surface walkways for your entry. Avoid walking across lawns and flowerbeds.
  3. Please be respectful of other students and Day Violins customers. Enter and exit quietly. If you have to speak, please use an appropriate voice.
  4. Please arrive promptly at lesson time ready to begin the instruction time. If you arrive early, you may wait in your car or in the student waiting area until the scheduled lesson time, so as not to disrupt another student’s lesson.
  5. In preparation for this experience by your child, please make sure he or she is healthy, hydrated, fed, and has already used the restroom before the lesson begins. This preparation will enable them to concentrate better, and allow their instructor to utilize the lesson time to maximum effectiveness.
  6. Parents are encouraged to attend lesson and participate by taking notes and observing how they might encourage and help their child during individual practice times at home. Please remember that even older students benefit from a parent attending their lessons.
  7. Siblings are also welcome to come to lessons. Siblings, however, need to be watched and controlled at all times before, during and after the lesson and not allowed to disrupt the lesson. Please do not allow the student or their siblings to wander through the shop or the outside grounds.
  8. Do not bring food, drink or snacks to the lesson or into the Day Violins facilities. This includes drinks and snacks for siblings. NO EXCEPTIONS, please. Dispose of trash and other disposables before you arrive at Day Violins.
  9. Please be respectful of the furniture. Jumping, climbing, using markers or sharp objects is not allowed.
  10. The Private Studio rooms and restrooms share space with the instrument storage warehouse and workshop. THE WAREHOUSE AND SHOP AREA IS STRICTLY OFF LIMITS TO PARENTS, STUDENTS AND SIBLINGS! Do not allow siblings (or students) to enter this area.
  11. All bags and instrument cases should be taken into the teaching room with the Student. Do not leave personal items in the common areas. Day Violins is not responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended.
  12. Turn off or silence cell phones and other electronic devices before entering the Day Violins facilities.
  13. If you need to discuss an issue with the instructor, please refrain from taking away from lesson time. If there is not time before or after a lesson, please contact your instructor through e-mail or telephone.
  14. There will be no make-up lessons given for scheduled lessons or Group Classes missed by the student. In unusual circumstances, make-up lessons, if offered, may be scheduled, on a time available basis, during times and dates specified by your student’s instructor.
  15. Private Studio lessons may only be cancelled per the terms of the Private Studio Agreement
Concerts & Recitals

Concerts and rcitals are a wonderful opportunity for your child to showcase his or her talent and gain confidence in their ability to play and perform before others. Consistent practice will ensure your child is successful in this very important event in your child’s musical progression.

General Rules for Concerts & Performances:
  1. Dressing for a concert/performance is very important. Students should take care to dress appropriately. Young Men – dress pants, dress shoes, dress socks, shirt and tie. Young Women – modest dress or skirt or dress pants, dress shoes, tights, nylons or dress socks. Inappropriate dress – flip-flops, jeans, tennis shoes, spaghetti straps, immodest clothing
  2. Please arrive early to the concert/performance. Late arrivals are distracting and disrespectful to those performing.
  3. Do not leave the room during a performance. If you must leave, wait until a break between performers.
  4. Students and siblings should not “wander” during a performance. Children who are disruptive should be immediately taken outside.
  5. Cameras and videos are welcome. However, be respectful of your neighbors and do not hold a camera in such a way as to obstruct the view of others. No flash cameras or camera lights should be used during a performance.
  6. Be respectful of the facilities.