Day Violins L.L.C. has a wide selection of string instrument available for sale, ranging from used student instruments through one-of-a-kind, high quality professional instruments. At Day Violins, we understand that finding the right instrument that fits your unique needs (or your child’s needs) is a very individual and personal experience. If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, please give Day Violins a call, and they will arrange a time to meet with you to review and try out the selections available.

Day Violins L.L.C. is dedicated to providing superior instruments at affordable prices. Jason Day, owner of Day Violins, has spent considerable time researching and securing the best source of high quality student and professional instruments. Day Violins takes pride in the ability to keep prices competitive—and subscribes to the belief that great instruments can also be affordable.

Day Violins also offers a variety of Bows and other accessories for sale to complement your successful musical experience.

Please call (703) 391-9444 to schedule an in-store appointment.